Super Bowl 50

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Standing at the top of the Super Bowl 50 logo at my first Super Bowl happy as a clam


I was lucky enough to have worked my first Super Bowl this year. Also it was a pretty big one being Super Bowl 50 and all. Hopefully I can start my own streak and work the next 50-100 like the three legendary photographers Walter Iooss, John Biever and Mickey Palmer who have worked 1-50. If you are interested in their story Keepers of the Streak is an ESPN film about the four photographers who had covered 48 Super Bowls. Tony Tomsic missed his 49th last year when he feel ill to a stroke or else he would be in the 50 crew as well.

The challenge that day was I didn’t have a sideline credential. I wasn’t too disappointed because I was just grateful to be there in the first place. All the events that I’ve shot in Levi’s stadium over this past year prepared me pretty well for that Sunday. Typically at concerts and the other events like the Winter Classic and Wrestelmania I would roam in the stands and look for wide stadium shots and fan interactions. So I knew my angles and how the light would fall across the stadium through out the day. With that in mind the 49ers crew divided up the stadium into quarters so that everything would be equally covered. I snagged a prime location in the endzone next to the video booth on the 400 level and went to town shooting with my CPS borrowed 200-400. After half time I moved down to the main concourse to get a little different angle.

I had a couple of good plays happen in front of me (the forced fumbled that turned into the first touchdown to name one). It comes down to a little bit of luck when you are up that high because my range wasn’t as long. Throughout the game I kept pinching myself thinking how surreal it was that I was working my first Super Bowl at 24 years old. I’m still pinching myself.

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To see more images from the game check out my website


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