Giants vs Dodgers and Rockies


I have had the opportunity to shoot a lot of great baseball recently. Over the past week I have shot three San Francisco Giants games at AT&T Park for Puro Beisbol. I covered the last game in the series vs the Rockies. Brandon Crawford hit a walk off home run in the 10th inning. The game ended up 5 to 4 in the Giants favor. It was my first game of the season and it was a perfect Sunday at the ballpark. The sun was shining and the seagulls stayed away until after the game ended. The smell of garlic and barbecue sunflower seeds were a warm welcome back.

Tuesday was Jackie Robinson day. Meaning all the players on the Giants and Dodgers wore the number 42. What also made the day special was that the game lasted a total of 12 inning, 4 hours and 55 minutes. The rivalry between the two teams was apparent throughout the city with banners of “Beat LA” hung on restaurant doors and in apartment windows. Fans were riled up as they booed Dodgers at every chance. The players battled well past midnight but again the Giants came away victorious beating the Dodgers 3 to 2. This time Hector Sanchez recorded the game winning single. The game definitely marked the latest I had stayed at a stadium. The next day I also shot the Giants beating the Dodgers 2 to 1, the game only lasted 8 ½ innings, short in comparison to the night before. Overall I had a blast shooting my first games at AT&T Park and can’t wait to be back in the future covering the Giants and their foes.


Photos © Meg Williams

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